Slendergirl 13 wishes

slendergirl in 13 wishes

 Slendergirl is the daughter of Slenderman and sister of Slenderboy and Slenderjunior,she is 16,734,563,896 years old

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Her BFF's are Princess Alsie,Jaff the killer and Sadie Fox,sometimes her tentacles scare them exept Jaff,Slendy and Jaff now them when they were kids so thats why Jaff doesn't scare about her tentacles,she likes a boy named Jen the killer and one day accidentaly kiss him

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Her favourite foods are normie meat and blood,mostly the head,her favourite colour is purple, her favourite class is Home Ick and her last favourite class is History she travel all the years when she had 12,895,123,45 years old in normie years that would be 12 years .