"Don't sing in the shower! Run in the shower"- Sadie's favourite quote

Sadie Fox
Monster High Student
Age 13
Monster Parent Two Fox-Demons
Killer Style Like my big sis, Kaylee, I like going barefoot. It feels natural, somehow.
Freaky Flaw Like Kaylee, I can randomly change into a fox, and also I tend to run away when people speak to me.
Pet A little fox puppy called Teri, she is best friends with Megan.
Favorite Activity Chatting with my sis or my friend Amber.
Biggest Pet Peeve When people sing 'What does the fox say' around me. it gets annoying after the 10 billionth time, you know!
Fav School Subject Physical Deaducation is clawsome!
Least Fav Subject Mus-Ick, my sis can sing and is proud of it, I can sing and have stage fright.
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Food My sis loves chicken but I'm a vegetarian. I love sea-side chips though.
BFFs My sis Kaylee and my BFF Amber Boo
[1]Sadie Fox's Diary

Sadie Fox is the daughter of the Fox-demons.


Sadie is quite unlike her sister, Kaylee, who is charming, competitive and bouncy. She is the complete opposite, being shy, quiet and thoughtful at first, but becoming much more friendly as you get to know her.



Sadie has many, many siblings, but is very close to her sister Kaylee and her parents, two fox-demons. 

She also has two cousins, Vixen Fox and Paris Fox . She is quite close to Paris's father, an American fox-demon called Elliot, also her mother's twin brother. Paris's mother, however, is a famous French fashion-designer called Fleur. Sadie has not seen her since she and Kaylee last went to France, when she was six.


Due to being shy, Sadie did not immediately make friends, but during a P.D lesson she was partnered with new ghoul Amber. They became close friends and Kaylee also became friends with Amber. Though Sadie would probably say that Kaylee is her closest friend, Amber being a close second. Just recently, though, she met Alsie. and she knows that Alsie considers Sadie her BFF.


Teri (Sadie's) and Megan (Kaylee's) are the best of friends and often play with each other while the girls are doing homework.


Sadie has no enemies, except for people who are mean to her sister. She isn't too friendly with the De Niles, either, but Toralei helped her find her class once.


Sadie is too shy for that, and anyway, Kaylee is very keen on 'protecting her little sister from mean boys'.



For basic, Sadie wears:

  • A red vest
  • A black leather jacket
  • No shoes (But if she had to, she would wear red or black sneakers)
  • Black denim jeans
  • (Sometimes, she usually takes it off) A rhinestone dog-collar necklace in red (similar to what her sister wears on her ankle )
  • Her hair is loose and straight, with a small fringe

Dead TiredEdit

For Dead Tired, Sadie wears:

  • A furry top with a hood
  • fox-head pj bottoms
  • fox-head slippers (or barefoot)
  • Her hair is tied up in a loose, messy bun.


  • Happy by Pharrell Williams


  • Her name is based from the word 'say' as in 'what does the fox say?' 
  • Her full name is Sadie Heather Ella Fox (Ella after the artist El Yar Fox, and Heather after her great aunt)
  • She can skateboard, and was taught by a neighbour when she was six.
  • She can sing well
  • Becuase she is clever, she is in the same class as her sister for Mad Science. They even sit together.
  • Her birthday is April 1st
  • Until her sister talked them out of it, her parents were planning to call her April Ella Heather Fox.
  • One of her songs would be Happy by Pharrell Williams, she especially loves the minion version! (Above)


"Lets go for a run!! What? No, I do not care it is 4am,"- Sadie to Amber

"Don't sing in the shower! Run in the shower"- Sadie's favourite quote

"Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala..."- Sadie being random