Princess Alsie
Monster High Student
Age 13 in monster years.
Monster Parent Queen Elsa and the Yeti. My step dad is Jack Frost.
Killer Style Blue. Any shade of blue I like.
Freaky Flaw Im shy around people. But once you know me, we can be bffs!
Pet I dont have one. My old one melted. Rest in music snowy.
Favorite Activity Learing about people.
Biggest Pet Peeve When people think im a normie! Really annoys me.
Fav School Subject Music. It soothes my ears.
Least Fav Subject Anything with the ocean. I hate water.
Favorite Color Blue. Like the river nile.
Favorite Food Chicken with chips.
BFFs Sadie Fox is my only friend so far.

Princess Alsie is the daughter of Queen Elsa and the Yeti.


Alsie is a happy yet shy girl. She likes whispering to Sadie Fox, her only bff.



Alsie has a sister from her father the yeti's side. The girls name is Abbey.


Due to being shy, she didn't make any friends at first. But Sadie Fox  told her she was shy too and they became friends. In the story, Alsie makes friends with Metalena McMetalPhoebe Wisher became her partner in a class. After a few more classes, she and Phoebe were inseparable.


Cleo isnt friendly with her neither is Toralei but Melia is a demon to Alsie


The only time she had romance was when Heath asked her out. He started going onto her sister afterwards.



For her basic she wears a light blue turtle neck. On top of the turtle next she wears a dark blue top and a blue skirt. Foot wear is light ice blue shoes.


  • She hates bugs.
  • She doesn't want to be queen.